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Do you have a God given desire for ministry but unprepared and looking for the path forward?

Welcome to Kingdom Christian University located in the greater Tampa Bay Area. We are a spirit-filled university offering ministry training that makes sense for your life. 

- Get Real Community 
(In person classes, connect with others)

- Get Real-life experience 
(opportunity for hands-on ministry)

- Get a schedule that works for you 
(one night a week)

- Get flexible payment options 
(Affordable program)

All without unnecessary classes to help you focus and get to the ministry that matters. 

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 We believe as we pray and study the word, the Holy Spirit gives us insight we need for understanding.


Become the change God wants in this world by  demonstrating the power of the Gospel and walking in the gifts we have been given.


We demonstrate the Gospel and then duplicate ourselves in ministry.


What is the work of the ministry?
We are all called as full time ministers of the Gospel, however, it can look very different from person to person. Some people are called to work full time on staff at a church, work within a ministry, or maintain a career while serving God. It is not about the quantity of hours but the quality of time. 

What is KCU's Hybrid approach?
God hasn't called us to just be hearers of His Word but doers of His Word. (James 1:22) 
With this in mind, our Hybrid approach gives you:

1. The benefits of Seminary: to get a deep foundation of understanding of theology, the Bible, and the traditional seminary courses.

2. The benefits of Ministry School: to get hands-on experience in active ministry granting you competence and confidence serving and leading.

Whether you are taking classes live in our classroom or 100% online you will get the benefit of our hybrid approach.


At KCU, our goal is to help you bridge the gap from where you are now to where God is calling you to be. 
God has given you purpose and gifting, however, its your responsibility to grow in your gifting for God's purpose.
We want to equip you for His ministry so we offer these five advantages to help you accomplish this goal:

Convenient Schedule
With work, family, and life challenges it is difficult to further your biblical education, however, we offer two options: a self-paced 100% online option available wherever you have an internet connection, and a live classroom option. If you prefer in person classes and live in the Tampa Bay we have a solution for you. Our in person classes meet Thursday from 7pm - 9pm starting September 5th 2024. 
(We are waiving registration and application fees for all students who sign up by June 14th)

Accelerated Timeline 
At universities you will spend 2 years in school without taking a single class in your desired area of study. At KCU you skip all the unnecessary non-ministry courses and focus the ministry classes that will challenge, inspire, and help you grow. Due to this fact, we offer one and two year programs to complete your degrees.

Training & Experience
With KCU you are not just limited to learning theology. You will also have the advantage of getting practical ministry experience through the KCU internship.

In-Person Evening Option
Full time work, family, and schedules prevent many people from attending a bible college. At KCU our in person classroom option gives you the flexibility to attend only Thursday evenings from 7 - 9pm.

Affordable Options
With inflation, prices for college are continuing to rise, we have a people over profit ministry philosophy that enables to be reasonably priced with multiple payment options.

Four Affordable Tuition Options Below

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Is KCU accredited similar to Harvard, MIT, or Yale?
Here is what you need to know about our accreditation.

Kingdom Christian University is proudly accredited by the Christian College Accreditation Commission International (CCACI). CCACI has not sought recognition from United States Department of Education. This choice has been made by the Institutions CCACI represents and in no way reflects on its Legal Status or the quality of education offered by the Institutions. CCACI is an international Accrediting Commission that currently represents over 20 institutions in 4 countries.
Kingdom Christian University has elected CCACI as its Accrediting Agency because of our desire to remain free from the control of any Federal, State or private agency controlled by same, that will not allow complete Religious Freedom in our curriculum and student body.
Kingdom Christian University makes no guarantee of the acceptance of KCU credits to other institutions. Transfer of credits from KCU to other institutions of learning are solely up to the discretion and desire of the institution where the student is applying. Students are encouraged to inquire how the educational institution into which they plan to transfer concerning the transferability of credits received through any another institution in advance of enrollment.

Kingdom Christian University is a private corporation in the state of Florida and legally authorized with religious exemption authority to offer degree programs that are designed solely for religious vocations.
Kingdom Christian University makes no claims, implied or otherwise, that our educational programs, courses, or curricula are the same as offered by secular state colleges and universities. Kingdom Christian University desires to remain separate and thereby maintain our religious prerogatives and freedom to compose courses and design degree programs that are in accordance with our Biblical convictions and beliefs.
Kingdom Christian University is not affiliated with the U.S. Department of Education. Credits and Degrees earned at Kingdom Christian University are for those in Christian service.

Christian College Accreditation Commission International (CCACI)

Answering the call to advance the Kingdom of God

Are you a Christian who wants to be better equipped in your faith and earn an accredited religious based bachelors, masters or doctorate degree?

If you’ve been looking for a way to get training and a degree without getting burdened under massive debt, years of unnecessary courses, and classes that are unrelated to your desired major then I have some exciting news to share with you.

Hello I am Dr. Telford Ammons Founder of Kingdom Christian University where we offer 100% online Christian University level classes to earn your bachelors, masters, and Doctorate degrees.

What makes us different is that we have rejected the fee based model of higher education and are trusting God with our faith based model. Our goal is to offer 10 full scholarships this year and extremely affordable plans for the remainder of our students.

This means that our 32 online religious accredited degrees are affordable, allowing us to eliminate a financial obstacle for students to get started. Being online based you have the flexibility to start anytime, anywhere with an internet connection and a hunger to pursue God’s purpose in your life.

We are eager to partner and train students who are willing to take action to follow God. Our mission is to answer the call to advance the kingdom of God.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can take action and start working toward your degree without being burdened by massive debt and spending years taking unnecessary courses. Click below or submit your contact information to learn more or set an appointment to get all your questions answered.

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